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Flavio Gerardo Lavaggi Bernales

Independent Director (March 2021-to date)
Male, 1970

Independent Director of CAPIA SAFI. Mr. Lavaggi is an Industrial Engineer from the University of Lima, has an MBA from the Instituto de Empresa de Madrid-Spain and a Diploma in Strategic Mining Management from the Universidad El Pacifico - Executive School. Currently, Mr. Lavaggi is a member of the Board of the following companies: SGM CHEMICALS, GTM Holdings S.A, SGM Andino S.A.C., companies dedicated to the mining industry sector. From 2016 to 2018 Mr. Lavaggi was General Manager of GTM Peru - Ecuador. During his tenure, he led the integration and transformation of GTM after the acquisition of PERÚQUIMICOS. He developed strategies for business units such as Oil & Gas, Mining, industrial and chemical specialties, developing key relationships with Oil & Gas operators in Ecuador. Previously, Mr. Lavaggi served as General Manager of Orica Chemicals Peru, Regional General Manager of Microsoft Corporation and Sales and Distribution Project Manager of the Richard Custer company. Mr. Lavaggi has more than 26 work experience within in Corporations, Family own businesses and Private Equity; developing sustainable businesses and value for all stakeholders.